A first attempt at what Smitten Kitchen’s Deb posted a bit ago.

Even using a can of grated cheese instead of the parmigiano reggiano that I have sitting in the fridge, the flavor is very, very good. I didn’t get them rolled out quite thin enough and that made them a little puffier than I’d rather them be, but they are sure some excellent eats for a mid-night, I-just-got-up-with-the-baby-and-I’m-starving snack.

I didn’t have a food processor so I did these like I do pastry: I took it to task with my wire potato masher. Worked pretty well.

I’ll be trying this again soon. Probably tomorrow. I have some cream I really, really need to use up.


My first real rye.

December 27, 2009

I always like to make something for Christmas dinner. This was Eric’s Favorite Rye. I forgot the caraway seeds and the sugar, though, so I’m planning on making it again soon.

Sending this to Susan at Yeastspotting anyway. Can’t wait to do it again.