New Year’s Resolutions: Part Two

December 30, 2009

Most people can make a decent loaf of bread if they try. It really isn’t hard to combine yeast, flour, water, and salt to get a dough worthy of being baked and called bread. What really takes it from just being bread to being amazing bread, astounding bread, and even possibly a bread that transcends the mundane, is time. Time to ferment, time to proof, time to bake. Time to learn.

One of my goals in this coming year is to start a journey into learning what we call artisan bread really is. I don’t think I know. I have some idea from reading what other people have to say, but I think that most of my education will be from actually making the breads and getting my fingers in the dough.

I don’t think that this type of bread baking is just about providing food for our families. I don’t think it’s just about the art of the finished loaf, either. The joy isn’t just in the finished product, but the process by which the loaf gets made. When a bread is made by someone who thoroughly enjoys the entire process it comes out in the finished loaf. It’s almost as though love for the craft is something you can taste.

I plan to share formulas, tips, and photos of breads that I’ve baked on this website. Both formulas that are successful and those that fail will be featured. I learn much more from my failures than my successes most of the time. May as well let others learn from them as well.


One Response to “New Year’s Resolutions: Part Two”

  1. MJ Koehn said

    I look forward to joining you on your journey this year. One of my resolutions for 2010 is to play with bread more as well, in particular I would like to experiment with cinnamon buns.

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